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Thanks for a great season!

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The mission of the Cranberry Golf Resort is “...providing a fun and caring community for all our valued guests, members, and team members. By delivering quality personal service for our guests in a warm and friendly environment, we recognize that the memories created at the resort are the moments that matter.”

I begin my reflection of the 2012 golf season with our mission statement, because it guides everything we do here at the golf course, and in completing my first season I can emphatically say the memories I have of the season are the moments that matter. We created a fun atmosphere for our staff and they responded by providing exceptional service and attention to all our golfers, we now regard this as our new standard of operations, not the exception.

I personally look forward to maintaining and improving these standards in 2013 and providing all our golfers with an experience they too will remember and want to repeat. Our job as the staff and professional team at the resort is to enhance every golfers experience and with a strong commitment to our mission of having fun and caring about our guests I believe we accomplish this every day and myself and my team really enjoy doing it. Thanks for a great season, and see you in the spring.

Your Head Golf Professional,

Kirk Smith