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The Cranberry recreation centre is only a few minutes’ trail walk from the main hotel building. Simply head southward from the courtyard and Club Cranberry building across Dawson Drive. A number of signs will point you down the tree lined path to the recreation centre. In addition to outdoor recreation, the recreation centre offers daily children’s programs, movie rentals, games and age-appropriate toys.

The Recreation Centre also offers an outdoor pool and tennis courts for guests of all ages. If you wish to take a leisure stroll through the surrounding trails and streets of Collingwood, feel free to rent our bicycles for the day. These are all fantastic ways to enjoy the day with your family and friends and get a little exercise in the process in the most fun ways possible! 

2017 – 2018 Winter Rec Activity Rentals

April 2018 Activity Schedule

Our outdoor pool at the Recreation Centre is closed for the season.

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For information or any inquiries, please contact our Recreation Manager – Natalie Weatherall at 705-445-5796 or email: