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Golf - A Time Thanks 2013

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This weekend marks another very special weekend for most Canadians. It’s Thanksgiving and time to slow down for a few days, get together with family and loved ones. Since there will be no golf on television, many of us will “be forced” to sit around the fire, watch football and… Read More

Golf - Falling Into Golf

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There are many advantages to playing golf at this time of year. The colors are beginning to change and the leaves are starting to fall. So too are the green fees at most of our local clubs.

Fall rates are in effect until the end of the season which means that you… Read More

Golf - When to Buy New Clubs

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There are a number of reasons why you may be considering purchasing new golf clubs.

If you are not happy or confident with your current putter, wedge or even your driver, then a new purchase might just be the answer. I always recommend that you try before you buy. Most golf shops… Read More

Golf - Luck vs Skill

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Last month, I had an opportunity to play in a local fundraising tournament. On the ninth hole was a closest to the pin contest. Our group was one of the last to play the hole which featured a 50/50 prize. The closest shot was eighteen inches from the hole and though most of my playing… Read More

Golf - Learning Patience in Golf

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Patience is a virtue that is important not only in life but also in the game of golf. Our world has become so fast paced that we often expect everything right here, right now! People’s expectations are higher and our patience levels are lower in all aspects of our lives. Time seems… Read More